It’s all about the First Look

Sao Lourenco

Laura and Michael are from Chicago, USA, and wanted to plan a Weddingmoon!  So they booked a cruise ship holiday around Europe and decided on Madeira for their Ceremony, where the ship would be stopping for 8 hours.  They had already seen photos of Sao Lourenço and definitely wanted their Ceremony there.  So they contacted me and started putting all their plans in place.

One element of the event which was very important to Michael was that he did not see Laura until they were at their chosen spot for the Ceremony. So I organised two cars for them.  Michael travelled with me and Tiago the photographer.  A Rolls Royce then collected Laura from the ship.  When Laura arrived, Michael was waiting at the top of the cliff, promising not to take an early peek at his Bride.  Laura walked the somewhat rocky aisle in great style and gave Michael a gently tap on the shoulder.  Then he turned and they had their ‘First Look’.  Even for elopement weddings, without guests and aisles and arches and bridesmaids, that first look is still so special.

So the Ceremony was held on the cliff top with amazing, dramatic views of Madeira…. the spot Laura had only seen photos of and was so excited to be at. After they shared their Vows and Exchanged their rings, it was time for a glass of sparkling wine and photos.

They of course travelled back to their Cruise ship together in the Rolls Royce, arriving just before it set sail to its next destination.  So they had 8 hours visiting our lovely island and filled that time with a memory they will never forget.

Laura and Michael, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and hope you come back and visit soon.

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