Marry Your Best Friend All Over Again


In August 2004 on a sunny afternoon, at St Peters Church in Prestbury, Cathy and Paul had the perfect wedding. They promised themselves then, that they would do it all again, Renewing their Wedding Vows on their 10 year anniversary.

Well, 10 years passed and life got busy so Christmas 2019 Cathy decided to surprise her husband during a family holiday in Madeira and arranged a Ceremony to celebrate their 15 years together.  With their closest family as witnesses, they got to marry their best friend all over again. Check out Paul’s smile when he realises what Cathy has arranged!

After the Ceremony they enjoyed some drinks and cocktails at the Cliff Bay Hotel, with Sangre Latina playing in the background.  Then for the highlight of the evening they had dinner and cabaret at The Ritz.

Thank you Cathy and Paul for allowing me to organise your special day and to share your video.  All the best to you both.