Baby Naming

Another important date to celebrate is the birth of a child.  Many people know about the traditional Christian Christening, but with more couples coming from separate religions or not following a particular faith, Baby Naming Ceremonies are becoming more popular.

This Ceremony is created to celebrate the birth of a child and allow parents to express their love and commitment to their child and declare their hopes for their child’s future. Rather than having God parents, which is the traditional role to help guide the child in a Christian life, within a Baby Naming parents can introduce “Mentors” or “Supporting Adults, or even have “Fairy God Parents”. These individuals can make their commitment to guide the child through their journey of life.

I will work with the parents to write a ceremony that incorporates their hopes and beliefs and just like wedding Ceremonies, we can incorporate symbolical elements that are meaningful to the family.  A Sand Ceremony would be nice, with parents, other children and the chosen supporting adults to each mix their sand, uniting in the responsibility of loving, guiding and supporting the child. You can choose to read poetry or a favourite piece of prose, with music playing in the background. Our creativity can run wild to design the perfect ceremony.

If you would like to find out more about Baby Naming Ceremonies, please whiz me an email and we can chat through all the options. To read about a Ceremony I conducted in the Algarve, click here.