How it Works

When planning your Wedding Ceremony, the first thing you need to think about is the legalities of your marriage.

What most couples choosing to travel to Madeira for their wedding do, is complete the legalities with a Registrar in their home country, either before or after their wedding here. This is a lot more straight forward. You don’t need to exchange rings or go through the whole Ceremony back home….that part can wait for your wedding in beautiful Madeira, in front of all your friends and family. Portuguese Ceremonies can be quite formal and are conducted in Portuguese so using the services of a Celebrant is popular across the whole country.

You then travel to Madeira and on the big day you walk down the aisle and have a Ceremony, designed just for you, which includes sharing your Vows and exchanging of rings. The type of Ceremony, length, wording and location is totally up to you and can be traditional or totally unique.

If you choose to organise your Ceremony in this way, as a Wedding Celebrant, I am able to design and conduct your ceremony in English and make it personal to you.  My ceremonies don’t follow any particular religion but I am more than happy to design you a Ceremony that reflects any cultures or traditions from your home country.

Don’t be put off doing the legalities before you get here. It really takes the stress away from sorting it in Portugal but doesn’t take away any of the specialness of your wedding day and Ceremony. You don’t even have to tell your guests, they will never know. You can also build in signing a certificate as part of your ceremony, if you wish.

If you would prefer to have the legalities of your marriage as part of your wedding in Madeira, I can assist you with the paperwork and organise a Registrar to conduct your Ceremony for you.  We can also organise a translator.

The last option is to combine the two.  You can have a Portuguese Registrar to legalise the marriage and you sign the wedding certificate here in Madeira, but you can then also have a Celebrant to conduct a ceremony in English along side the legal part.

Feel free to contact us for an informal chat and we can discuss which option is best for you.