Renewal of Vows

Hey you don’t have to say your Vows just once!!   After years of marriage, many couples want to take the opportunity to express their on-going love and devotion to their partner.  And it is also a great excuse to pop on a white dress and have a great party with your friends and family. And what better place to hold your celebration, than Madeira.

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies have no rules.  Some couples choose for their Ceremony to follow the same structure as a wedding, re-exchanging their rings and saying their Vows.  Others want something very different, maybe a less formal affair that incorporates their children. Everyone wants a celebration.

I am there to assist you with the Ceremony and also plan your day.  You may choose to Renew your Vows with just the two of you, you may choose to incorporate it in a family holiday or you may choose to use the excuse to come on holiday to Madeira with all your favourite friends and family and have a big party.

Just like for a wedding, we can create you a personalized Ceremony and celebration, that can either incorporate your original vows or allow you to make some new promises to each other,  which will lead you both through the next chapter of your journey together.

We can chat through your ideas and create you both the perfect ceremony to mark this milestone in your lives together.